Why we move to the Atlassian Cloud?

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Cloud is Our Future

Do not get left behind your business competitors. There is no denying that this is the way to go, not only by the way Atlassian invests in the platform but in general.
Migrating As A Journey
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Avoid Waiting in a Queue

Experience a peak in demand for support in a short span of time is important! Help us prioritize your migration, plan time and resources. Give it the full attention it deserves.
Innovate Faster

Experience Totally Secure Environment

Atlassian is working on and planning more features to unblock all issues related to European organizations: GDPR, data residency, and more.
Atlassian Trust

Frequently Asked Questions and Case Study

Cloud migration questions that we typically hear & Nextiva Success Story

Why Atlassian Cloud is worth it?

  1. Atlassian drives the latest security & privacy features and requirements
  2. Atlassian procures, maintains and upgrades the underlying infrastructure
  3. Spin up new products & integrations quickly
  4. SaaS-level speed, access & uptime guarantees (SLAs)
  5. Immediate access to Jira’s latest versions & features

The ROI on your move to Atlassian Cloud?

  1. Cost of full-time infrastructure administration & maintenance
  2. Cost of security applications and oversight
  3. Cost of downtime risks to Jira (what is your productivity worth?

Why prefer Snapbytes to migrate to Cloud?

We are an Atlassian-recognized Cloud Specialized Gold Partner. Every migration is unique and you cannot be expected to know what you ”don’t know.” If Jira is a critical application where you work, leave it up to a team that specializes in making the transition to Cloud seamless. Also, such as Time to SLA and TestB4 Apps that we manage for 360 client journey and needs made us true chose for migration

What comes with Snapbytes cloud migration consultancy?

  • Discovery & Requirements (1-2 Meetings)
  • Scope, Plan & Cost Estimate (Within 1 Week)
  • Kick-Off & Stakeholder Engagement (Within 2 weeks of signing)
  • Typical Project Activities
    • Server & UAT instance preparations
    • User, group, identity attribute migration
    • Data migration
      • Backup extraction
      • File validation & preparation
      • Cloud import (validate data, permissions)
      • Import & validate attachments
      • Install add-ons
      • Invite users to Cloud instance
    • Group provisioning & testing (Atlassian Access / SSO support)
    • UAT (Acceptance & defect fixing – Weekend activity)
    • Go LIVE
    • Post Migration Support

Witness from firsthand the exciting story of Nextiva’s journey to Atlassian cloud services! Click on the interactive CITIA card on the side to read all the details and join in their success! ≥

How We Do It

No rocket science but a stringent follow-up of steps:

At the start of your journey, we’ll help you assess your requirements, and decide when Cloud is right for you. You’ll also analyze your app landscape, and start assembling your migration team.

Let’s assess your migration options
Take Atlassian step-by-step assessment to get a personalized migration recommendation, and resources tailored to your team’s migration needs.

Start Assessment ≥

In this phase, by using your Cloud migration trial, or if you aren’t eligible, by purchasing a new Cloud site, you’ll set up your organization and verify your domain.

Contact Us for Free Trial ≥

Now it’s time to prep your team, environments, and data for the big move. Here we recommend leveraging our Cloud migration toolkit for comms to your team, runbook templates, and more.

Build the case for cloud migration with our cloud business case toolkit
Convincing your organization to make the move to cloud requires some upfront research – and we’re here to help.

Atlassian Toolkit ≥

Here, you’ll test out your production migration using your Cloud migration trial to make sure everything is in order. You can also refer to our testing guide to walk you through our recommended testing steps.

Detailed Information ≥

Migration day is here! In this phase, you’ll resolve any last-minute issues, run your production migration, and move your users and data. Use an Atlassian migration assistant to help ease this process.

Atlassian Migration Assistant ≥

Communicate to your stakeholders that the migration is done and share details on the new status quo. Use our Cloud adoption toolkit to get your team set up for success with our robust change management plan.

Cloud adoption toolkit | Get the resources you need to build and execute a successful adoption and change management plan

Get the Atlassian Toolkit ≥

Atlassian Answers for Details

Cloud migration with detailed Atlassian Solutions

Can we still stay on our Server products?

Support for Atlassian Server products ends on February 15, 2024. To stay supported, choose to migrate your products to Cloud or Data Center. Learn what this means for your team.

How much does it cost to migrate to Cloud?

To calculate and compare your costs, use our personalized calculator. To assess the costs of moving the apps and integrations from your Server products, refer to our Cloud migration guide.

How does the Cloud migration trial work?

The Cloud migration trial is fully functional, so you can use it just as you’d use any Cloud site to explore features and test your migration. Unlike our standard 7-day trials, your Cloud migration trial matches the remaining duration of your Server maintenance or Data Center subscription. For a limited time, you can get 12 months free in Cloud when you claim your trial between February 15 – May 15, 2022.

What value does my team get by migrating to Cloud?

When migrating to our Cloud products, you’ll get enhanced security and reliability, more innovative new features, and simplified administration. Learn more about how Cloud can help bring value to your team.

How do Cloud and Data Center features compare?

With Cloud, you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest features for our products, whereas with Data Center, feature development will be focused on addressing the most critical needs of organizations unable to move to Cloud. These critical needs are performance and scale, security and compliance, and infrastructure and operation. To find out more, compare Cloud and Data Center.