Enhancer Plugin for Jira

Enhance your Jira experience without spending time on coding or scripting! The Enhancer Plugin for Jira’s advanced custom fields, workflows, reports and gadgets will give you more capabilities than Jira’s default programming. Developed by Snapbytes, an Atlassian Solution Partner.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira by Snapbytes

1. Enhance Your Custom Fields

The Enhancer Plugin for Jira’s custom fields collect data and KPIs on issues in the background, so you don’t have to do all of the work. Just sit back and analyze the data on user-friendly screens.

2. Enhance Your Workflows

An out-of-the-box solution that enhances your Jira workflow conditions, validators and post functions without the need for you to spend time coding, scripting or maintaining these functions.

3. Enhance Your Reports & Gadgets

Custom Fields offer great KPIs within issues but it can be difficult to see the bigger picture when managing a project with multiple workflows. This is where the Enhancer Plugin’s reports and gadgets come in… Get quick and live insights so that you can manage all of your projects with ease.

Our Clients

Nearly 1,000 businesses worldwide across multiple industries are currently analyzing their Jira data with the Enhancer Plugin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Jira hosting platforms is JEP available on?

The Enhancer Plugin for Jira is available on Server and Data Center.

What Jira applications can I use JEP on?

The Enhancer Plugin is available on all Jira applications. That’s Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk!

Which Jira versions are supported?

Jira Server and Jira Data Center versions 7.0.0 – 8.13.0 are supported.

Can I try JEP for free?

Yes! Once you’ve downloaded the Enhancer Plugin for Jira from Atlassian Marketplace, evaluation licenses are available on my.atlassian.com and you can renew them up to 5 times.

Does JEP have any JQL functions?

JEP has a couple of handy JQL functions including Subtasks by Field in Parent Issue and Subtasks by Custom Field in Parent Issue.

What REST services does the Enhancer Plugin for Jira have?

Jira’s REST API does not give enabled/disabled and sequence details of custom field options. It also does not have user activation/deactivation REST services, which makes it hard to automate user activation. The Enhancer Plugin for Jira covers all of these functionalities with its Custom Field Options (Enabled/Disabled) and User Activation/Deactivation REST services.

What issue view features does the Enhancer Plugin have?

JEP has more custom field types than Jira’s default programming. This includes enhanced user, date, time, duration, counter, comment, status and linked/parent issue fields which can be used as KPIs for help desk or development teams. You’ll also have access to Stateoscope within issue view – which offers a clear and detailed issue change history at a glance.

Can I monitor SLAs within JEP?

The Enhancer Plugin does not have SLA tracking capabilities. We recommend using Time to SLA for this, which is the best-selling SLA tracking app on Jira.

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