Time to SLA for Jira – New Year, New Features!

At Snapbytes, we’re constantly striving to bring our customers the best Jira plugins so that they can keep getting the most out of their instances and Jira Service Desk experience. Our 2020 new year’s resolution is to supercharge Time to SLA, which is an all-in-one SLA tracking solution for all Jira applications, to keep bringing you amazing features. We kick-started this with the release of TTS 9, which has lots of awesome features!


1. New SLA Search 


Simpler and faster ways to search through your SLAs. Updated search features for searching breached SLAs, SLA durations, and finished SLAs. We’ve also added three new date functions to make it possible to execute a search based on the start, end, or target dates of SLAs. All of this is powered by our new Time to SLA slaFunction custom field.

Time to SLA Jira Plugin - New Features - New SLA Search


2. SLAs on Jira Service Desk Portals


Displaying SLAs to customers on Service Desk portals was one of the most requested features. TTS 9 allows you to do just that! You can now look for the TTS link in project settings in order to choose which SLAs they would like to display to their customers, based on request type. 

Time to SLA Jira Plugin - New Features - SLAs in Jira Service Desk Portal


3. SLAs on Jira Software Boards


As well as Jira Service Desk customer portals, Time to SLA users can now also display SLAs on Jira Software boards with no configuration required.

Time to SLA Jira Plugin - New Features - SLAs on Jira Software Boards


4. Time to SLA and eazyBI Integration


An out-of-box integration between eazyBI and Time to SLA. We’ve implemented a custom field to allow users to transfer their data from TTS to eazyBI, using the JavaScript calculated custom fields feature of eazyBI. Check out the step-by-step Time to SLA and eazyBI integration guide.


5. Separate Time to SLA Context Menu


We’ve added a dedicated menu that’s separate from the “more” menu. This means that you can easily access TTS administration tasks such as SLA ReportReset SLAWhere is My SLA? and Regenerate SLA Data.

Time to SLA Jira Plugin - New Features - Separate Context Menu

6. Where is my SLA?


A convenient tool to easily locate missing SLAs within an issue.

Time to SLA Jira Plugin - New Features - Where is my SLA?

Read the full article on our Medium page to get the inside scoop on the 6 great features that we’ve added to Time to SLA, and have your say on what 2020 could bring for the Jira SLA plugin!