Time to SLAck

Managing SLAs with Time to SLA just got even easier. That’s because, at Snapbytes, we’re always developing our plugins so our customers can keep getting the very best out of their Jira instances. With that being said, Time to SLA users can now integrate the app with Slack and we couldn’t be more excited about this new release!


Time to SLA and Slack Integration

That’s right, Time to SLA users can now configure the app to send Slack messages. That means SLA progress updates directly within Slack. We know that our customers use Slack for their business communications and processes. And that’s why we’ve launched this integration – so that teams can see everything that they need within one platform. From pipelines to automation tools and now SLA messages.


Your teams will find this new integration much more convenient. As a result, more service level agreements will be met on time. Happy teams plus happy customers equals a happy business – it’s simple!


How to Get SLA Notifications Within Slack

1. Firstly, create a custom event for the SLA notification – this will ensure that SLA notifications are not mixed up with other issue events.

2. Set a notifier for the relevant SLA that you would like to receive notifications about. For this, you’ll need to use the custom event that you just created in the previous step. You can tailor this notification to suit your specific needs.

Create a Jira Custom Event to Integrate Time to SLA with Slack

3. Follow steps 1-3 of Slack’s guide to sending messages using Incoming Webhooks.

4. You’ll then need to create a custom listener with this code snippet from Adaptavist’s Library – this message can also be personalized for each SLA and to suit your needs.

5. Sit back and enjoy your SLA notifications within Slack!

Enjoy Time to SLA Notifications Within Slack

Check out our Time to SLA Confluence documentation for more details.


We didn’t stop there. The new Time to SLA release also brings remaining SLA percentage notifications, SLA notifications with group custom field selection, and lots of other improvements and bug fixes for our customers.


That’s why Time to SLA is the best-selling SLA tracking app for Jira! Try it for free today.