Why do we need the Atlassian Jira Consultancy?

Snapbytes' Jira Consultancy questions that we typically hear

We have an Jira Administrator. Why do I need this?

Several of our clients already have internal resources dedicated to Atlassian Administration, and they still work with Snapbytes. There are 5 Main Reasons:

Experience: Collectively, our team has seen, built, and supported more use cases for more types of teams than any single full-time employee.

We’re Flexible: We are happy to work along side your existing administrators to improve the use and growth of the Atlassian ecosystem in your company. We are not aiming to replace people, only enable them.

Options: Our Jira Consultancy had different solutions packages. You can switch packages from each other for your needs. 

Value for Cost: We ensure you’re able to quantify why it was a good choice to work with us.

Licensing Benefits: You can get advantages with us over Atlassian Ecosystem products and tailor-based software solutions

Is onboarding disruptive or complex?

Onboarding is simple. Kick-off is entirely focused on the following:

  1. Identifying Strategic Stakeholders & Collaborators
  2. Arranging for tool Accesses & understanding Security/Access Protocols
  3. Setting & Agreeing to Communication/Meeting/Reporting Cadence, including a monthly Atlassian Steering Committee, if desired
  4. Setting up of a Service Desk Portal & building a priority backlog of improvements

We pretty much take it from there.

Why prefer Snapbytes to migrate to Cloud?

Snapbytes has experienced over cloud migration and services. Every migration is unique and you cannot be expected to know what you ”don’t know.” If Jira is a critical application where you work, leave it up to a team that specializes in making the transition to Cloud seamless. Also, such as Time to SLA and TestB4 Apps that we manage for 360 client journey and needs made us true chose for migration

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Best Fit

Your Atlassian environment is stable (core configuration is acceptable) but you’re looking to maintain and improve it. You need access to expertise and broad use case knowledge across all Atlassian tools and popular addons.
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Enhanced Jira Reports & Gadgets

What you get

Dedicated access to Snapbytes' Atlassian Exprets in your working hours. Technical advice & hands-on configuration for any administrative need (workflows, permissions, custom fields, integrations, etc).
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Enhanced Jira Custom Fields

Use it for

General Administration, Ad-hoc Configuration, License Management, Security / Access, Setup, Workflow Optimization, Incident Resolution, Integration Support, Active Monitoring And More...
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How We Do It

No rocket science but a stringent follow-up of steps:

Hands-on Jira help, when you need it

We’re an Atlassian expert in your back pocket. Bring us in to talk what’s possible with Jira, to configure your tools for your use case, for Jira Integrations, and more.

We’re here to help with Jira Integration Support

There are 4,000+ Atlassian Marketplace addons. We make it easy to find right ones for your Jira use case. Save time and talk to us.


Flexible management of your Atlassian instance

We can be your Jira Admin, or we can work along side yours! Whatever your Atlassian instance, our engineers will maintain it, support it, and scale it.


We help your team make the most of Jira.

Need Training for Jira? Or other Atlassian Training? We provide Administrator courses, User courses, and more.


Buy Atlassian direct, or buy with us

Jira pricing could be confusing, just like choosing between Atlassian Cloud, Server, and Data Center. Save time and consult us to figure out what’s the right decision for your budget.


Testimonials for Jira Consultancy

Our valuable clients reviews for our consultancy

Ersin Gülaçtı - Site Reliability & Software Process Manager  photo
Snapbytes has delivered us a custom Confluence plug-in. We are very pleased with the product quality, documentation and their customer-first approach. As a follow-up we requested their services for another Jira related project. I highly recommend them as an Atlassian solution partner.

Ersin Gülaçtı - Site Reliability & Software Process Manager

LOGO Yazılım
Melike Altınsu Yeşilo - IT Service Desk Team Leader & Agile Transformation Team Member photo
We successfully completed our Jira Service Desk Upgrade with Snapbytes. For Jira, we are also in a one-to-one communication with regard to continuous improvement. They are very successful and supporters in Maintenance and Support. They're with us whenever we need them. I highly recommend your work.

Melike Altınsu Yeşilo - IT Service Desk Team Leader & Agile Transformation Team Member