Why is the Cloud More Secure?

Atlassian Cloud vs. On-Prem

Atlassian Cloud Security ≥ Why cloud is more secure than on-prem, the 5 most important reasons Let’s take a look together with Snapbytes, an Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner…

Before we start, let’s clarify why you should choose a partner that specializes in the cloud:

While many companies are excited about the increased efficiency, built-in security and compliance available in the Cloud, making a plan to get there can often be daunting. From understanding the scope of your cloud migration in terms of timelines, budgets and security considerations to the actual method of migration, there are key considerations to be made. All of these considerations are critical to the success of your organization’s cloud adoption.

Atlassian Cloud Specialized a partner knows the optimized solutions that are best for your business and your teams, and has a high level of field experience for the entire migration process.

Every company is different, but all can benefit from the highly secure data management tools that the cloud offers. The cloud helps businesses of all sizes easily solve security solutions and minimize risks. Cloud service providers continually invest heavily in data protection infrastructure, and the cloud’s ability to scale means that security is also easy to scale. In short, moving to the cloud is a smart way to protect your data and increase your revenue.

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Now let’s evaluate the most important cloud advantages together:

1. Safety Management

The cloud helps you gain easy access to and manage stronger identity management capabilities across identity, access and authorization environments. This results in far fewer vulnerabilities compared to traditional data centers (Gartner). ≥ Atlassian Cloud Security

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Atlassian has a layered approach to data protection in the cloud:

  • Identity and access management: To protect your users and data, you can limit privileged access permissions and adjust access settings without creating security vulnerabilities. Same across your business IAM principles using Atlassian products
    Atlassian Access
    and you can connect them together under the same security identity. With SSO and MFA protocols, you can manage external user security and much more.
  • Data security: The Atlassian platform and processes follow security best practices for a layered approach to protect your data. Detection Program,
    Secure Software Development
    and protocols such as External Penetration Testing, there is a growing and matching set of additional processes in place to help you protect your data.
  • Data privacy: Atlassian has transparent policies on cloud security. This ensures sustainable trust. With multiple layers of protection, you are always in control to manage how and where your data is accessed.
  • Data recovery: Atlassian maintains a backup copy ready for processes such as backup and restore in areas with different levels of accessibility.

2. High Standards

Using cloud-based solutions for your business brings a much higher standard of security than your in-house IT team or a locally managed system can provide. Cloud service providers have the expertise, up-to-date technology and capacity to provide a secure environment for your data.

By 2025, it is predicted that 99% of failures and errors in cloud security will be user-induced, rather than technology-induced (Gartner).

Atlassian has developed a specific policy that defines the principles and rules for how trust and security programs are maintained.
information security management program (ISMP)
has. Atlassian continuously monitors and assesses risks to cloud operations. This ensures continuous improvements in the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Atlassian cloud environment. Security policies are regularly reviewed and updated. Application and network security tests are performed for cloud environments and applications, and compliance with Atlassian security policies is continuously monitored.

Atlassian gives you the customizations, insights, and control features you need to effectively manage the needs of your teams, across Atlassian cloud products and beyond. ≥ Atlassian Cloud Security https://www.atlassian.com/trust/centralized-administration?tab=user-management

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3. Data Encryption

The automated strong data encryption in cloud-based security systems dramatically reduces the likelihood of data breaches by offering a layered approach of security intelligence, key management and secure access controls. It is possible to choose which users in your business can access the cloud.

70% of consumers will move away from a business or service that has experienced a security breach immediately after the breach (Amazon Web Services). The average total cost of a data breach for businesses 3.92 million dollars (Varonis).

Any data in Atlassian cloud products is encrypted in transit over public networks using TLS 1.2+ technology with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) to protect it from unauthorized access or modification. The Atlassian TLS implementation enforces the use of strong ciphers and key lengths in all scenarios supported by the browser. ≥ Atlassian Cloud Security

4.Physical Access

Unlike most familiar environments, cloud service providers have very high standards for physical access controls and the rigor to enforce those standards. Cloud service providers use anonymization, replication and encryption to protect your data.

Within 2025, businesses using physical data centers 80% will move to cloud infrastructures is foreseen. Today, this rate is currently only 10% (Gartner).

Physical security at the Atlassian Data Center where Customer data resides is limited to authorized personnel only and personnel access is verified using biometric measures. Physical security measures provided for Atlassian Data centers include in-house security guards, closed circuit video surveillance, intrusion traps and additional intrusion protection measures. ≥ Atlassian Cloud Security

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5.Vulnerability and Patch Management

Cloud service providers are always vigilant in detecting vulnerabilities and patch management using a combination of specially developed tools, automated and manual penetration tests, software security reviews and external audits. They have teams of ethical hackers trying to break into their systems, so they can find and fix vulnerabilities before attackers do.

Microsoft, for example, fends off 7 trillion cyber threats a day and spends over $1 billion on cybersecurity research and development every year (TechRepublic).

As your business operations grow, manually executed tasks become more error-prone. As well as the increased risk of your business and managed data being compromised due to poorly managed authentication practices. Your teams always want to use tools that help them work faster and more efficiently, leading other employees to look for their own shortcuts and solutions without the knowledge or approval of your IT teams. The vulnerabilities that such habits and tendencies can cause cannot be ignored.

Atlassian uses both automated and manual processes to identify, monitor and remediate vulnerabilities in its applications and infrastructure. Thus, a multi-faceted and continuously evolving vulnerability management approach is applied. Atlassian aims to continuously improve the security status of Marketplace applications as well.
By leveraging crowdsourced vulnerability discovery methods provided through the platform, vulnerabilities in cloud applications are detected in advance, aiming to perfect security in cloud services.

Atlassian centralizes access management, establishes strong authentication policies, and always applies best practices and protocols for identity and access management.

Atlassian uses a combination of end-stage management to deploy updates and patches to operating systems and core applications in its end-stage fleet. It also uses multiple end-stage protection solutions to protect against threats such as malware. ≥ Atlassian Cloud Security

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