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As the Premium Sponsor of this year’s ICT Summit 2023 held at Istanbul Fişekhane, we took our place on the main stage! The summit, which was organized around the theme of #enigma, frequently discussed concepts such as transfer to the cloud and artificial intelligence. Our General Manager Hasan Kaya, with the title “Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Service Management”, talked about how businesses can benefit from the integration of Atlassian ecosystem products with new technologies. As Atlassian Platinum Partner, it was a pleasure for us to take part in this important event. Let’s take a look at our impressions from Informatics Summit 2023…

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2023 Atlassian META Region, Partner Snapbytes Successfully Completed the Most Transfers to the Cloud

In 2023, after our success as an Atlassian solution partner, which successfully completed the highest number of cloud transfers in the META region, was recognized by Atlassian, we closed the year with great pride and enthusiasm as the premium sponsor of the Informatics Summit 2023, which has been recognized as the most important event of the Turkish IT industry for more than 20 years.

As an experienced Atlassian Platinum Solution PartnerWith our deep expertise in Agile, ITSM, ESM, DevOps and custom software development, we contribute to businesses to get the most out of Atlassian Solutions. We had the opportunity to expand our sphere of influence and create value in 2023 by offering solutions developed in areas such as Atlassian Service Solutions, Jira Cloud Application Migration, Jira Consultancy, DevOps and Test Automation. By following new technologies and approaches, we realized the practical applications of their reflections on our field of work.

ICT Summit 2023 Platinum Sponsor Snapbytes

At this year’s Informatics Summit, which was organized under the theme of enigma, our general manager Hasan Kaya made one of the main stage opening speeches. In his speech “Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Service Management” emphasized the strategic importance of integrating AI technologies into the way businesses manage their services and services. With the data he obtained from various scientific and sectoral international research reports, Kaya dramatically conveyed the trends of businesses investing in artificial intelligence and the sectoral snapshot to the summit audience.

Sharing information about the digital transformation of businesses, transfer to the cloud and the artificial intelligence integration ecosystem, Kaya said that especially using artificial intelligence, products such as Atlassian Intelligence and Jira Service Management, He shared insights on automating routine tasks, AI-powered Chatbot applications, and as a result, increasing the benefit with resource optimization and expanding the use of AI at the corporate level.

ICT Summit 2023 Platinum Sponsor Snapbytes

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ICT Summit 2023

Speech by our General Manager Hasan Kaya

Click to watch the full speech of Hasan Kaya, our General Manager, with the title “Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Service Management” at Informatics Summit 2023 (17 minutes) ≥

Nearly 700 company owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, technical decision makers and sectoral experts followed the opening day speeches of the Informatics Summit 2023 event, and the main stage opening speeches were met with great interest.

We would like to announce that we will continue to push the boundaries for your business’ digital transformation, cloud transfer and custom software needs. Let’s talk now for an experience above the clouds, tailored for your business with Snapbytes!

Notes on technological developments from our General Manager Hasan Kaya at the ICT Summit 2023:

How do you evaluate technology developments in the world and Turkey?

Technology developments around the world are advancing rapidly, especially in areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and cyber security. These technologies offer many advantages such as optimizing business processes, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer experience.

Especially during the pandemic period, the transition to remote working accelerated the need for digitalization even more. For this reason, companies and governments are doing more than ever before to integrate technology into their businesses and services. The reality of asynchronous working in different locations and time zones has increased the need for collaboration and process management tools that cover all organizations across the enterprise.

In Turkey, technological developments in this context have rapidly gained momentum. There are many successful initiatives and projects, especially in software development-based entrepreneurship. In line with the requirements of this new era, Turkish companies have started to follow the technology extremely well. In fact, in sectors such as finance, gaming and e-commerce, there have been global successes. However, technology, along with its advances, also poses some challenges. In particular, cyber security threats and the privacy of personal data are among the issues that businesses need to pay much more attention to today.

How will these developments affect the business world?

Advances in technology are causing significant changes in many areas, from business to public services, and these changes are likely to continue at an accelerating pace.

As a retrospective estimate, it is possible to recall the World Bank’s research that a 10% increase in access to the internet leads to a 1.5% increase in GDP. In this context, developments in artificial intelligence, 5G and IoT, and data analytics are sure to have huge social and economic impacts, just like the internet. With the increase in access to these technologies, new business lines and changing business models will emerge in the coming periods.

I think this change and progress will have a huge contribution to the business world and therefore to national income. However, this technological transformation process needs to be managed with an equity and sustainability perspective. It is of utmost importance to provide equal and democratic access to technology for all segments of society, to spread digital literacy and to reduce the digital divide in cultural and functional terms.

Among these technologies, artificial intelligence is triggering a revolutionary transformation that profoundly affects and changes the way we work. Aiming to increase efficiency through the automation of repetitive tasks, organizations are reviewing and redesigning their operations by including artificial intelligence.

ICT Summit 2023 Evaluations

General Manager Hasan Kaya’s speech at ICT Summit 2023 “Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Service Management” titled Watch the video where we share general evaluations of the event after the presentation ≥

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